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OXAPS PH is the first to release an online billing system here in the Philippines, due to the covid pandemic in 2020 there was a lockdown. Due to the lockdown, many companies have gone bankrupt, especially computer shops, many of them have lost their income, so most of them have turned to ISP Providers to meet the needs of people who do not have an internet connection at home.

Because of that, the OXAPS PH Team created an ISP Billing System that will help them meet the needs of ISP Providers.

My-Billing is a web-based Billing Application or Internet Billing Application that functions to manage customer data, manage customer service, create bills / invoices, view financial reports, customer billing history and many other features.

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Telegram Integration

Telegram is the one that will give you a notification once your client has an upcoming registration and not only that, ticket support, backup and so on will also be notified.

Whatsapp Integration

This Features send bulk message to your client using this whatsapp.

Email Server

This is the email server that will send an email to your client once you create a bill and once it's paid.

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Support Built in Application Android, Ios, Windows, Linux

Try the modern design for your mobile client portal for more simplified and easy to access.

username : 09971024430 / password : 1234

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